DIY Pest Treatments

DIY Pest Treatments at Cedar Creek Lake

Looking for DIY Pest Treatments at Cedar Creek Lake? At our store we are proud to offer a full line of professional grade home pest control products for DIY pest treatments. Unlike many big box retailers and your local hardware store, we have the "high end" materials that Williams Pest Control uses in our own pest control services. Visit Our Store: 1428 S 3rd St, Mabank, TX, 75147

Our DIY Pest Treatment Products

So, if you're looking for pest control supplies such as: Insecticide concentrates, aerosols, baits, bed bug spray, bug spray as well as traps, cages, sprayers, and related pest control equipment...we've got just the solution for you! 

Below is a list of products we carry along with a description of which pests they are used to control.

Pest Control Chemicals

  • Acepahte - Fire Ants
  • Advion - Ant Gel (indoor use)
  • Amdro - Fire Ants
  • Bengal Roach Spray - Roaches
  • Bifen I/T - General Pests & Termites (outdoor use)
  • Bug B Gone - Fleas, Tick & Lawn Pests
  • Cyper - General Pests (indoor & outdoor use with low odor)
  • Dominion - Termites
  • Extinguish Plus - Fire Ants
  • Glue Boards - Mice & Roaches
  • Larva-Lur - Cockroaches, Silverfish, Crickets & Grasshoppers
  • Martins Dip - Flea, Tick & Mange Dip for Dogs
  • Mosquito Dunks - Placed in standing water to kill mosquito larva
  • Pelmethrin Granules - Yard use for Fleas, Ticks & Chiggers
  • Ramik - Mice/Rats
  • Snake A Way - Non-poisonous snakes
  • Sweeney's - Kills Moles
  • Terro - Liquid Ant Bait (indoor use)
  • Wasp Freeze - Wasp

Pest Control Equipment

  • Mosquito Sentry - Portable mosquito sprayer
  • Skeeter Defeater - Portable mosquito sprayer

Outdoor/Non-Pest Control Products

  • Corn - Deer, Squirrels & Birds
  • Deer Feeders with timers - Holds 300 pounds of corn
  • Moultree Game Cameras - Infrared

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